A biofuel plant for a green economy
A biofuel plant for a green economy

Varennes Carbon Recycling at a glance


The Varennes Carbon Recycling (VCR) plant will produce biofuels and circular chemicals made from non-recyclable residual materials as well as wood waste. A tangible support for the circular economy.

A project with multiple partners

Representing an investment of more than C$1 billion, this project, based on Enerkem’s technology, is led by a group of strategic world-class partners, that include Shell, Suncor and Proman, with the support of the Québec and Canadian governments.

Value-added biofuels

The plant will convert the carbon contained in non-recyclable waste into a new generation of value-added biofuels and commonly used chemicals. The plant incorporates one of the world’s largest electrolyzers, which will enable the use of renewable hydrogen and oxygen in its proprietary thermochemical process.

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An innovative transformation process

Enerkem’s proprietary thermochemical process is internationally recognized, subject to more than 100 patents and is a key solution for the global energy transition. It will recycle the carbon and hydrogen contained in non-recyclable waste and wood waste currently landfilled or burned. VCR will also increase the overall supply of alternative fuels and increase the production of biofuels, thereby strengthening Quebec’s leadership in renewable energy and innovation.


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  • Conversion of more than 200,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste and residual forest biomass into an annual production of nearly 125 million litres of biofuels.
  • Construction of one of the world’s largest green hydrogen production facilities with an 90-megawatt electrolyzer leveraging Québec’s green electricity.

economic benefits

  • Total investment estimated at more than
    CAD $1 billion.
  • Creation of more than 500 jobs during construction and about 100 permanent direct skilled jobs during operations.
  • Annual recurring economic benefits of
    $85 million for Québec.

key dates


Start of site preparation work


Official announcement of the project with all partners


Construction begins






  • Work is progressing on the Varennes Carbon Recycling site, located on the river side at the corner of Route 132 (Route Marie-Victorin) and Vincent-Chornet Street.
  • Pile-driving work is now complete. The second phase of foundation work involving formwork, reinforcement and concreting is underway, as is the erection of the steel structure buildings.

Write to commentaires@rcv-vcr.com if you wish to share your comments regarding the work.
Write to info@rcv-vcr.com for questions related to the work site.

We regret the inconvenience to those who may be bothered by the noise.

project updates

Last update: July 10, 2023

The project is making great strides! The pile-driving work is now complete. The second phase of foundation work involving formwork, reinforcement and concreting is underway. Erection of the steel structure buildings is 30% complete and will continue throughout the year. Initial mechanical and piping work is scheduled to start in 2024.

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news releases

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Several positions will need to be filled.

Management | Engineering | Operations | Administration | Maintenance


If you would like to register as a potential supplier of VCR, please use one of the following means of communication.

Our procurement team will contact you shortly to proceed with the qualification process. 



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